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VAA Services

Recover Joins:
Your virtual chat agent will address questions to alleviate hesitation to purchase as well as offering an incentive to buy now. For free memberships, a discount can be offered on future membership.

Renew Cancelled Members:
Your virtual chat agent can offer cancelled members a new incentive to return.

You have the ability to use your virtual chat agent to upsell memberships as well as cross sell other internal products/sites or 3rd party offers.

With simple integration, cut and paste code, our Virtual Adult Agent can be plugged in no matter what level of technical experience you have. We will work with your program to determine the best added value that can be offered to hook those hard to acquire users.

About Us:

Virtual Adult Agent was founded in 2008 by Charles Anderson.  Charles, an industry veteran, who started working in adult in 1999 running the Karups Affiliate Program, and determined there was a strong need for a product that would save adult website operators money and customers and around began exploring the feasibility of an adult virtual service. Since its creation and first release, the product has been upgraded several times to extend functionality and effectiveness.

With a corporate culture that combines strong industry experience and technical expertise, and a dedicated staff whom you can usually find on industry message boards, webmaster and trade shows, the virtual adult agent platform allows Webmasters to focus their resources on their own core competencies such as site management, product development and advertising without having to worry about how to effectively recover the prospects that are choosing to leave your site.

This unparalleled focus on understanding and servicing the varying needs of its different customers, together with a strong innovative spirit, is the cornerstone of Virtual Adult Agents business solutions and what helps the Company continually meet and exceed client expectations.

In an ever evolving market where affiliate traffic is getting harder and harder to fight for, give your business the edge by using Virtual Adult Agent and  increasing your affiliates conversion ratios and making yourself and your business partners more money.

With decades of combined experience in the adult market we understand the needs of program owners. Virtual Adult Agent is designed to maximize your programs profits on traffic you already receive. In a ever evolving market where affiliate traffic is getting harder and harder to fight for, give your business the edge by increasing your affiliates conversion ratios.

Virtual Adult Agent is the tool your business needs to generate sales from visitors that are leaving your site. This non intrusive product that will integrate with all major and many custom affiliate programs gives you a second chance on converting traffic into sales. Our team will get you the extra sales your looking for to help you to be more profitable.


Contact our sales department to see what we can do for you.