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VAA Services

Recover Joins:
Your virtual chat agent will address questions to alleviate hesitation to purchase as well as offering an incentive to buy now. For free memberships, a discount can be offered on future membership.

Renew Cancelled Members:
Your virtual chat agent can offer cancelled members a new incentive to return.

You have the ability to use your virtual chat agent to upsell memberships as well as cross sell other internal products/sites or 3rd party offers.

With simple integration, cut and paste code, our Virtual Adult Agent can be plugged in no matter what level of technical experience you have. We will work with your program to determine the best added value that can be offered to hook those hard to acquire users.

Virtual Adult Agent: Don't leave money on the table

Virtual Adult Agent is the Industry's leading adult virtual chat sales agent that was developed by seasoned Industry veterans. With decades of adult marketing experience in many different sides of the business including PPS, PPC, Revshare, Cams and physical product we have the knowledge to know how to help you convert your existing traffic better.

Easy to Implement - Our automated chat product is simple to use, simple to install, with installation typically taking less than 1 hour. You will have a personal account manager that will hold your hand and walk you through the whole process.

Typical recovery rate of 20% or more – with our state of the art technology that constantly analyzes variables in your specific traffic and customers, our smart systems hone in on what works best and scales out in those areas in order to achieve maximum effectiveness, recovery percentages, and profitability.

Flat-rate pricing – Flat rate pricing is the most cost effective for website operators to save their declined transactions, without paying an exorbitant fee per recovery. You only pay for the sales you recover, and put the work on making sure that happens to us.

This is a no risk, easy to integrate solution that was developed by industry leaders for the industry. It is your best chance of staying competitive in this evolving and consolidating market place. 

Contact us now and start seeing the benefits as soon as tomorrow.